Thinking of a subscription?

So Collagen can send you your chosen subscription without you having to re-order

From Just £20 a month

Many other leading brands charge 3 times this amount for their monthly collagen subscription, and ours contains 10,000mg of premium multi filtered marine collagen + so much more

 Pay monthly with
   • Debit/Credit card
   • Apple pay
   • Google pay
   • PayPal

We offer 3 subscription options:

1 500ml bottle per month – 25ml 5 days a week – £20/month

1 500ml bottle every 21 days – 25ml 7 days a week – £20/21 days

2 500ml bottles a month – flexible dose or for those sharing – £35/month

Cancel at any time by either logging in to your account page and cancelling, or simply email us as   stating that you wish to cancel and we’ll do it for you.


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