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Linda Storey

I am 55 delighted with results of collagen so far. skin nails and hair are growing well I recommend this to all

So Collagen Review

Raine Smith

I have taken So Collagen for 8 weeks now. I am very pleased with the results. My hair is shinier and looks and feels healthier. My skin feels plumper and I have definitely noticed a reduction in fine lines around my eyes. It’s easy to take and tastes fruity. Delivery is super quick. I can’t comment on my nails as I wear acrylics. But myself and my nail tech have both noticed how much quicker they seem to be growing. I run a lot and I have less knee pain. So an all round yes from me. It does seem to do what it says it will. I will have just ordered 4 more bottles. Very happy I found it.

happy customer review of so collagen

Robyn Metcalfe

I would just like to say how pleased I am with my So Collagen! I’m on my 5th bottle. My skin is tighter and softer, my nails are stronger! My sore hands and bones have improved. I’m delighted and surprised by the results! I’ve tried other makes but the quality and ingredients you use are definitely the best! Thank you.

So Collagen Review

Robyn Metcalfe – 2nd Review

I just wanted to write a new review for you! I can’t believe it’s been a year to the day since I made my first purchase!I have rarely missed a day since then. I’m so pleased with the results I will be 54 in a few weeks and my wrinkles have definitely improved. I feel the benefit from my joints to the tips of my hair! I cannot recommend So Colllagen enough, if anyone is in doubt I’d say just give it a go! What have you to loose?

so collagen marine collagen review

Lara Bearder

So my mum has struggled with thinning hair for quite some time. I stumbled across so collagen. I convinced my mum to take this supplement and was surprised when she actually did! She initially spoke of her hair feeling so much more healthier, but the results I’m going to show you have made me so happy for her.
I cannot get my mum to stick to anything beauty or skin care related so this growth is down to taking so collagen daily

before and after effects of taking collagen for hair loss

Cally Fraser

I researched it quite a bit prior to ordering and the price of some just seemed so high…I went with So Collagen because it seems to offer the same ingredients as some higher priced ones at a more reasonable price…

smiling customer reviewing so collagen

Lyndsey Bennett

Why I didn’t discover So Collagen years ago I don’t know!
The difference it makes to your hair, nails and skin is remarkable, it’s better than any face lift!  My friends all say that I am glowing and that my hair looks thicker, well there was only one change I have made and that was to start taking So Collagen!  The added bonus is that it tastes lovely too!
So Collagen Review

Nicola Whitham

I ordered socollagen after a friend recommended it and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been taking a different brand for almost a year. Socollagen provides 4 times the amount of collagen at a similar price point!!
Socollagen tastes amazing! I love the strawberry taste. Nails already feel stronger. This will be a regular purchase as I’m just about to subscribe to a monthly delivery.

happy customer review of so collagen

Karen S

I’ve been using so collagen for 2 months now and the results are amazing … i originally bought a more expensive brand (exactly the same size bottle and ingredients) but found this one on line so thought I’d give it a try … my hair has grown as well as my nails and my joints feel better I feel healthier all round … thank you

So Collagen Review

Joanna Miller

On my second bottle my skin is so soft my hairs feels great absolutely love it been taking it everyday as am loving the results already .

So Collagen Review

Jill Harris

I’ve taken collagen for a few years now and believe it helps. Yours has more for less! Will definitely keep using

happy customer review of so collagen

Jayne Dane

Good stuff! Been taking it for 6 weeks now and I can notice my hair is so much better and joint pain has eased up. Would recommend.

customer review of so collagen

Sharon Jones

Having read many reviews about collagen supplements.  I found So Collagen to be the most informative. At the age of 47 I had to have a hysterectomy.  2 yrs later my skin feels dry an looks crepey. As you can see my hairline as gone really thin.  I’m only 3 days in to drinking the delicious fruity shoot,  an looking forward to seeing the results

so collagen review by a customer

Rachael Wood

I love this product and I am going to be a returning customer for sure. I take my health and well-being seriously so taking care of myself from inside out is important to me. This helps me keeping my hair, nails and skin looking well looked after. 

happy customer review of so collagen

Vicky Mitchell

Loving So collagen, been using this for a month now and can already see improvements in my skin and nails ❤

customer review of so collagen

Sarah Garrick

Received my bottle last Tuesday, been using for 7 days and have already noticed an improvement in my skin. Can’t wait to see how great my skin will be in a few weeks. Thank you So Collagen.

marine collagen review ny customer

Mandy Roberts

have been taking marine collagen for over a year now and it really does work. Have decided to switch to this as it contains more collagen and other stuff

happy customer review of so collagen

Joanne Woodward

Hi my name is Joanne Woodward, I am 55 yrs old.   “I have researched lots of products and So Collagen had by far the best reviews so I can’t wait to see the results” 

So Collagen Review

Carey Pollock

I’m thrilled with the product and cant stop raving about it

Great So Collagen Review

Rachael K

I ordered 2 bottles and have just finished both. I found it reasonably priced, easy to take and delicious which was a bonus. I have been taking vitamins at the same time. I feel good and my skin and hair seem healthy too. I’ll definitely keep going and order more

So Collagen Customer Review

P London

this is the second pack of 4 bottles that i have purchased from so collagen, and after just a couple of weeks using it, i noticed that my skin was looking smoother, and also my nails were looking a lot more healthy, i love the taste to, and is so easy to take, i would totally recommend this product, i feel it is also the cheapest on the market, so i give it 5 stars

So Collagen Review by a man

Ann Lamb

So love your product ‘So Collagen’ It helps such a lot with my joint pain, hair and skin. I’ve tried different brands but yours is definitely the best, thank you!

So Collagen Review

Renee Cape-Melbourne

I have now been taking so collagen for only 3 weeks now and feel great I have more energy and my skin is looking more glowing, as yet to see the difference in my hair as suffering hair loss with pre menopausal

marine collagen

Georgina Coker : Monthly Subscriber

Just wanted to write to you and let you know how impressed  I am with So Collagen. I have been taking it for a couple of months now and I originally started taking it because I have Hyperthyroidism and suffer with muscle aches. I read that taking collagen supplements can help ease them which it has done. What I am most pleased with is the reduction in the lines around my eyes. Some have totally disappeared and some are now very very faint 😊 What I also didn’t expect was the improvement of cellulite on my thighs, they are now almost dimple free. ☺️  I’m really pleased to have found a supplement that not only relieves symptoms of Hypothyroidism but also has an amazing effect on the skin therefore I will be continuing to use your amazing product.Thank you 😍Georgina

louisa Mason

Hi I’ve been taking your product now – I have a subscription- for about 5 months- I love it- I’ve genuinely noticed a massive difference in my nails which were always short and broke now I keep having to cut them. Also my thinning hair much better. I put it down to the collagen which btw I’m telling everyone about and I know some of my friends have ordered. When I looked into buying I did my research and for the price and amount yours was the best

Independent review from: The skin scientist recommends

Hello, I thought to provide my feedback after taking your So Collagen drink for a month now. I have noticed amazing results already, which I am so impressed by! I have seen better skin that just looks so much smoother and glowier, new hair growth in areas where it was thinning as well as an increase in the length of my hair and stronger nails as well!

Thank you for creating such a great product and I love the fact that you have included additional vitamins especially vitamin B5 which is so beneficial to skin health and makes all the difference when combined with Biotin!

I am a skin scientist and am so happy to have found a very well-formulated supplement and excellent customer service is a bonus so keep up the good work!

Jax Print – Facebook

Been on this just over 3 months now and omg my skin all over my body feels so soft……the lines on my face have really faded and my hair and nails have really improved…..I’m in menopause and the last 6 months I have really noticed my once thick luscious hair thinning and feeling dull and brittle……since being on this I’ve felt it is returning to what it was before……and my lashes have really grown……another thing I’m glad to say it’s helped with is my aches and pains……shoulders, elbow, wrists, thumbs and ankles were really giving me aches and pains and now that’s all gone….thank god ….it made my life so difficult with having a physical job and a horse to look after…….will stay on this now for life 😘

Julie Midgley – FacebookI’ve been using this for nearly 3 weeks and WOW!! I have tried everything to stop my hair falling out due to HRT and this 100% works not only has it stopped falling out but its not dry & brittle anymore either, my nails are so much stronger. This product is Amazingggg I’ve just ordered another 2 bottles 🥰

Elliemayruns – Instagram

I have using the subscription service to So Collagen for around 4-5 months and am so impressed with the results. I have more energy, my nails are strong and my skin feels plumper and more radiant. This is by far the best liquid collagen product on the market

Carey Pollock – Facebook

I have been using this for nearly 3 weeks. I am menopausal and on thyroid meds hence my fine hair is falling out badly. So far in this short time ,incredibly so, my hair has stopped falling out. I can’t believe it! I am thrilled. My nails are also feeling stronger. I can’t wait for my next update. Onwards and upwards So Collagen. X

Mark Hughes

Bargain compared to others that contain less collagen. I take it for my arthritis and it helps.

Suz North – Facebook

Good stuff will definitely be ordering more. Can notice the difference already in my hair growth.

Patricia Smyth

Tastes sweet, can’t taste the fish at all and have really noticed an improvement in my skin. Thank you for a great product

Lilly Holmes

My advice to others is do your research. So Collagen has all the top ingredients at the best price

Kerry Ball – Facebook

I love your collagen. Wish I’d started taking this years ago.

Billie M

I’m so impressed with the results. My skin is looking firmer and dry patches gone, my hair is better too.

Sally Jones

I was taking another brand that came in sachets which I liked, but decided to try yours as it was half the price and contained more collagen. I now find it easier to just pour a capful a day and there’s less waste. Great product.

Karen Sharp – Facebook

I’m seeing great results by using this daily. Been 6 weeks now and its the first thing I have every morning!

Joanna Looker – Facebook

This was recommended to me by my sister and I can certainly say what a difference it has made to me with my aches and stiffness

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