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Make Up Removal

Did you know that your skin regenerates while you sleep? A layer of makeup on your face hinders your skin’s renewal, as your pores are blocked and it makes it unable for your skin to breathe. What’s worse? Your highlighter, foundation, and blush can settle into the creases of your face, which can become the reason for your dull-looking skin, especially if you have dry skin. (1)

Dry skin

Overnight, your skin can be exposed to the ingredients of your makeup products, and become dry. Some ingredients in your makeup products may even drain your skin’s moisture.

Giving your skin the hydration it needs is very necessary if you want healthy-looking skin. When you apply a moisturizer with makeup on your face, the makeup prevents it from penetrating into your skin and doing its work. So it is very necessary to wash your face before putting moisturizer on.

Eye issues

Leaving your eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadows on for such long hours can lead to eye issues. Your eye makeup can strike against your pillow and enter your eye, which might lead to irritation in the eyes, eye infections, eye inflammation, and in some cases eye cysts.

Moreover, wearing your mascara overnight can make your eyelashes dry and dull. In some cases, it might even lead your eyelashes to fall out.


I’m sure you are not a fan of breakouts! But when you leave makeup on your face overnight, the makeup combines with oil and additional waste from your skin’s exterior, which causes clogged pores, and leads to acne and breakout. In addition, most of the makeup products you use are oil-based, which increases your chance of breaking out. (2)


Makeup can cause a lot of damage to your skin and may cause your skin to age. But anti-aging makeup is in the market for rescue? But the truth is that even anti-aging makeup can harm your skin if left overnight, by locking free radicals on the surface of your skin. This can lead to collagen degradation, affecting your skin’s elasticity and causing premature aging.

Most importantly, if you use your anti-aging skincare products on top of your makeup, the products will not work the way they should. So you should always cleanse before treating your face with anti-aging skincare products. (3)



So what can you do to avoid all of these concerns? There is a simple solution. Just be loyal to your night-time skincare routine, no matter what! Wash your face, apply a moisturizer, apply a night cream that suits your skin type, and watch your skin glow as you wake up.

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