How Collagen Influences Hormonal Balance


How Collagen Influences Hormonal Balance

Hormones regulate many body processes. Collagen supports the endocrine system, which produces hormones. When collagen levels drop, hormonal imbalances can occur. These imbalances may lead to issues like weight gain, mood swings, and fatigue.

Benefits of Collagen for Hormonal Health

Taking collagen supplements can improve hormonal health. It helps stabilize blood sugar levels, which affect insulin production. Improved insulin sensitivity can prevent diabetes. Collagen also supports adrenal glands, reducing stress hormone levels.

Natural Sources of Collagen

As well as supplementing with marine collagen, you can also help boost collagen intake naturally. Bone broth is an excellent source. It contains amino acids essential for collagen production. Other sources include chicken, fish, and egg whites. These foods help maintain collagen levels and promote hormonal balance.