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hot flushes caused by the menopause

fezolinetant for the treatment of hot flushes

A new once daily, non-hormonal pill that reduces hot flushes and night sweats caused by menopause has been approved by the UK’s drugs regulator. (1)

The British Medical Association has given it’s backing to the decision by the MHRA to licence fezolinetant for the treatment of moderate to severe vasomotor symptoms.

Vasomotor symptoms (VMS) can have a significant impact on many women, with more than 75% experiencing VMS and a quarter describing their symptoms as severe. A third of women experience long-term symptoms, which may last as much as seven years or longer.

Having access to fezolinetant, a new non-hormonal treatment option, will increase the choice available to women, particularly those who can’t take HRT or do not wish to take it. It is likely to offer many women experiencing VMS considerable improvement in their day-to-day quality of life. (2)

Also in the US The Food and Drug Administration approved on Friday the new drug to treat the hot flashes and night sweats that often plague people during menopause.

While not quite as effective as the standard treatment — estrogen or estrogen coupled with progestin — the new prescription drug, fezolinetant, will be welcomed by those who struggle with vasomotor symptoms — episodes of intense heat along with sweating and flushing — and won’t or can’t take hormonal therapy, such as breast cancer survivors. The pills will be marketed as Veozah to treat moderate to severe hot flashes, the most common symptom caused by menopause which can last for several years or as long as a decade or more. (3)

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