Keep refrigerated once opened and shake before use

Best taken first thing in the morning, or on an empty stomach, for maximum absorption  



With So Collagen you can take a 25ml capful to get 10,000mg of our premium collagen, or less if you feel like it. Unlike liquid sachet supplements where you have to take the set amount.  Peoples needs vary due to many things such as your own collagen levels, your weight and your digestive system.

We recommend taking 25ml (one capful) per day for 5 days a week. Your bottle should last you about 4 weeks.

Some customers do prefer to take it more often..

To do this you can take 20ml per day. This will give you 8,000mg of collagen a day, which is still equal to or more than most other brands, and don’t forget So Collagen also benefits from containing many other ingredients such as Biotin and Hyaluronic Acid.

Some of our customers like to take 25ml every day, if you do this then the bottle will last 20 days

If you fill the measure cap to the top it is 25ml

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