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Care For Your Lips

Your lip lines start showing up when you reach your 30s, and those pesky little lines speak of your age before you even open your mouth.

When we move forward in our lives, our skin gets creasing, especially around our mouths due to the many movements and stretching it does, and as we continue to age, eventually our skin develops deep creases. It is something that does not recover with a good moisturizer. It happens because our skin loses collagen and elastin as we get older, so wrinkles easily form on our skin.

The question is, how do we treat those lip lines? The skin of your lips is as important as that of the rest of your face. You need to treat your lips the same way as you treat skin in other parts of your face. Do not forget your lips while applying your daily skincare products.

Vitamin A
Among all the ingredients in skincare products, Retinoids or Vitamin A is the one that can make your skin right. There are numerous Vitamin A products available in the market, the crucial thing is to decide which products suit your skin. If your skin is sensitive, avoid tretinoin formula as it can cause inflammation for your skin type. And if your skin is not sensitive, you can hit the jackpot, because tretinoin can turn your skin situation upside-down. Applying a nourishing lip serum containing Vitamin A daily on your lips can reduce the appearance of your lip lines. (1)

Do you want a youthful pout? The best thing you can do for your lips is to exfoliate. Removing the upper layer of dead skin cells on your lips will help in stimulating the cell turnover and boost blood flow, making your lips appear plumper and fuller. Simply rub up a piece of cloth or a toothbrush to get rid of your dull and dry skin, and make your lips look even. (2)

After exfoliating, use a hydrating lip balm with anti-aging properties to provide adequate moisture to your lips and fill in the lines to give you a well-covered appearance. As we age, our skin stops producing the required natural oils, making your skin even drier. And dry skin can make your lip lines more prominent. Applying a moisturizer at least once a day can help maintain your lip radiance, and keep it healthy.

Say no to soaps
The ingredients in soaps can be harsh for the delicate skin of your lips, so use some moisturizer instead that is gentle for your skin. A good moisturizer will help to treat the lip lines and will also prevent new lines.

Most of the damage done to your lips is by ultraviolet rays. The Sensitive skin of your lips needs to be protected by sunscreen. So when you are applying sunscreen on your face before getting out in the sun, do not forget your lips. Apply an SPF of 30 or 45 to give your skin protection. (3)

The bottom line, you are not bound to live with those lip lines. Take care of your lips, and let those lines go away.

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