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What is Bioavailable Collagen

Collagen is a word you’ve probably heard a lot about recently on the topic of skincare, joint health, and even fitness. But what exactly is bioavailable collagen, and why is everyone talking about its bioavailable form? Let’s look into the world of bioavailable collagen to understand its benefits and how it can improve your health.

Definition of Bioavailability

Bioavailability signifies the fraction of a nutrient that is assimilated and harnessed by the organism. Pertaining to collagen, bioavailable collagen denotes the variant of collagen that your body can proficiently assimilate and utilize, thereby enhancing its efficacy in promoting health advantages.

Comprehending Bioavailable Collagen

What distinguishes bioavailable collagen from conventional collagen? It revolves around the efficiency of your body’s absorption and utilization.

Factors Making Collagen Bioavailable

Bioavailable marine collagen is generally decomposed into diminutive peptides or amino acids, facilitating easier absorption through the digestive system. Hydrolyzed collagen, synonymous with collagen peptides, represents one of the most bioavailable forms as it is fragmented into these smaller components.