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Liquid marine collagen is a collagen supplement having several scientific pieces of evidence.
This supplement contains special formulations, which are easily absorbable by the body.
These liquid marine collagen supplements have :
   • Increased levels of collagen
   • Increased levels of amino acids
   • Different vitamins as Vitamin C, B12, B6, B5, and B1
These supplements also contain l-lysine, which are essential for the formation of normal collagen cells.
These supplements help in the regeneration of cartilages, bones, and skin cells.
Benefits of liquid marine collagen:
Collagen is the most abundant body protein. Our skin cells contain collagen and amino acids for the production of proteins.
Collagen supplements help to supply the fibroblasts with different amino acids through collagen peptides. These components contribute to form the collagen molecules, which are easily absorbable by the body cells.
These proteins help to:
1. Increase bone strength:
According to researches, liquid marine collagen helps to increase the absorption of minerals and calcium, which are essential for the strength of the bones.

2. Improves the nails, hair, and skin:
Collagen supplements help to increase the levels of collagen type-1, which can:
   • Make the appearance of a skin firmer
   • Increase the skin smoothness
   • Can renew the skin cells
   • Accelerate the cells repairing
   • Decrease the frequency of skin wrinkling
   • Improve skin hydration.

3. Improve body metabolism:
A collagen boost can help to improve body metabolism by increasing the LBM (lean body mass) and effectively converts the essential body nutrients.

4. Regulates blood sugar levels:
According to a research of Alberta Diabetes Institute, liquid marine collagen can help to effectively regulate the glycine in circulating blood among patients with type-II diabetes.
Especially for diabetic patients, liquid marine collagen can help to balance the sugar levels in the blood.

5. Reduces pain and inflammation:
Liquid marine collagen has a gel-like consistency which can:
   • Hold and cover the bones together
   • Help to let the joints glide and move smoothly
   • Reduce the pain during movements
   • Reduce the risks of deterioration of the joints
   • Reduce the age-associated pain in joints and bones

6. Antibacterial properties:
According to recent researches, peptide fragment in the liquid marine collagen includes antibacterial properties. “Collagencin” is a peptide of collagen which can effectively reduce the growth of bacteria (disease-causing agents) and infections.

Other than treating infections, liquid marine collagen can also prevent the exposure of foreign bacteria and disease-causing agents.

7. Weight management:
Obesity and increase weight are the risk factors for several diseases and health complications. Liquid marine collagen includes pure proteins that do not contain fats, sugars, and carbohydrates.
If you take these supplements daily, they can suppress the appetite of the individual by:
   • Giving the feeling of satisfaction
   • Helping the promotion of weight loss
   • Controlling the need for food
You can take the liquid marine
collagen by adding the water into the solution and making a shake or smoothie. Take an appropriate amount of supplements according to your body needs.

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